Our Story

Sabrina Carter is a wife and mother who currently resides in New Jersey with her husband and two children. Born in Maryland, Sabrina was raised the youngest of two girls to a single mother. In an effort to provide for her children, Sabrina’s mother joined the army, leaving the then 6 year old Sabrina and her sister to live with their grandmother. It was during these early years that she discovered writing as a way to escape her circumstances and express the longings for her mother and the desires for the father that she would never know. In 1991 she graduated Valedictorian from DuVal High School and received the esteemed Paul Robeson Award from the Gannett Foundation, a full four year scholarship to attend Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. While attending Rutgers, she majored in Mechanical Engineering and graduated with her Bachelors degree in 1995. Over the next fourteen years she would put her love of writing aside as she pursued her career in technology sales and consulting.

In 2004 her passion for writing was reignited when after returning home from work, Sabrina was greeted by her four year old daughter who revealed that she hated her hair. Heartbroken Sabrina set out to find a creative way to help her daughter deal with her fragile self image. Starting first with a poem written late one night, she read it to her daughter and to her welcome surprise, it put a smile on her face. Each night as Sabrina read the poem, her daughter seemed to become more comfortable with her hair. After two months of watching her daughter develop a more positive self image, Sabrina and her husband Elliot decided that they needed to do more. She began sharing the poem with friends and family who also encouraged her to tell the story of how simple words spoken by innocent children can impact a childs self image . So the journey began and over the next few months Sabrina began converting her poem into the book, “My Hair is Curly”, the story of a beautiful little girl with curly hair, gray eyes and a magical wish.

Since its publication, Sabrina has had the opportunity to share the book with thousands of parents, teachers and children across the country. She has also written two more books as a part of her three book series titled, “The Impact of Positive Parent-Child Relationships”. According to Sabrina, the greatest blessing of her books, in addition to the development she has seen in her children, has been the positive reaction by so many people from varying ethnicities including interracial, Jewish, African-American and Hispanic families.

"It is easier to raise strong children than it is to repair broken men."